Square Sander For Hardwood Floors

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Square Sander For Hardwood Floors

Posted by Brassard Adrianna on Sunday, 1 December, 2019 01:53:36

I found this page through Google search. This post gave me information I needed and help me a lot to start doing my floor. I wasn't sure if I change my floor or refinish it. After reading your story, I decided to refinish my floor. I used square sander before that and it didn't do the job.

Drum sanders use a sleeve of sanding paper that slides onto a square drum. The paper slides on the floor as the drum spins. Only a small portion of the paper and drum is in contact with the floor

I am very happy and surprised at what a difference it made to my hardwood floors. I was considering refinishing my high-end flooring after seven years of heavy use. Bought the Oreck, 3M pads, wool pads, Bona floor cleaner and Trewax polish. My floors look better than when we moved into our newly constructed home.

If in doubt, your best sander for hardwood floors is going to be the random orbital sander. Budgeting Your Time. Once you're ready to start, stop and check the clock. You should budget your time for your project before your sander hits the floor. A good rule of thumb is that 140 square feet will take you five hours working alone.

To refinish your hardwood floor, you will need more than just a square buff machine. The machine requires special sandpaper. You will need several sheets each of very coarse, coarse, medium and

Three tips I learned about using a drum sander on hardwood floors: 1. If possible, find a drum sander that does not have a lever for raising and lowering the sanding drum. In the video linked above, it shows a drum sander that uses a lever to raise and lower the drum.