How To Paint Pressed Wood Kitchen Cabinets

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How To Paint Pressed Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Brisson Amalie on Wednesday, 11 December, 2019 16:35:38

Caulk and fill any holes: If you can see any dark wood (think: around molding or other embellishments), use a caulk gun to fill in those spots. Paint the first coat on the cabinet frames: Use a paint brush and a roller to get your first coat of paint on the cabinet frames.

Spiff up plain particle board kitchen cabinets with these simple home improvement tips. The topcoat with two coats of 100% acrylic paint. Try to find a finish that will "level out" and give you a nice finish look.

The best way to paint kitchen cabinets is with a paintbrush and small roller. Spray painting is also an option if you want the process to move more quickly, but it can be tricky. When you're ready to get started, clear off your kitchen counters, empty your cabinets, and cover your backsplash and appliances.

Our kitchen had particle board cabinets with fake wood grain laminate on the fronts. These were original from 1977 and several cabinet and drawer fronts were damaged from use and moisture. The choices we had were to hire a contractor to redo the e

Using a deglossing chemical such as TSP should do the trick. Once clean and dry, prime using a oil based primer. Not water based. The water based primer will cause the paper covering to possibly swell and cause issues. Once dry again using a oil based paint put your final finish coat on.

Laurie March, HGTV Remodels' House Counselor, explains how to paint particle board kitchen cabinets. As the host and creative force behind The House Counselor on, Laurie March