Dusty Concrete Basement Floor

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Dusty Concrete Basement Floor

Posted by Brusse Ancelina on Wednesday, 4 December, 2019 01:40:43

A concrete basement floor is usually good for storage and for workshop areas. It sometimes accumulates mold, mildew, and dust, which looks white and dirty. As you walk along your basement floor, you track this dust and dirt throughout the house. It is possible to clean a basement floor.

My most expensive basement finishing MISTAKE and exactly how you can avoid it. My 25 hours of work staining my concrete basement floor would all be for nothing. concrete silica dust is very bad for your lungs. A true stain or dye, penetrates the concrete rather than coats it like a latex

Removing Interior Construction Dust. Table of Contents: You Will Need; Any tips on how to get all that dust off the floor and window sills? We've tried sweeping, swiffering (both wet and dry), and a big soft floppy mop. For any floors like concrete or rough stone that cannot be used

Ditch the efflorescence. The white powder that sometimes accumulates on the concrete walls or floor of a basement is efflorescence, soluble salts that remain when water seeps through concrete and

Q: My son had just finished pouring his basement floor when a storm came along and thoroughly drenched the slab before it had cured. He was able to smooth out the surface, but now the concrete is dusty and scratches easily.

Q. A couple of years ago I had to replace my concrete foundation floor in my basement. At the time we made the decision to have colored concrete in place of any other flooring surface. It was colored by the concrete people, a dark chocolate brown. We had the floor ready to go but did not seal it with anything.